Ha-Sad-Ra: To be strait, restricted, hindered. To straiten and encompass/surround someone, prevent someone from going to his business, besiege/beset/confine someone, to confine/keep close/imprison/detain/retain/restrain/withhold someone, withhold or prevent someone from journeying, prevent someone from a thing he desires, take the whole of a thing, take/acquire a thing to oneself, suffer suppression of the bowels or unrinary tract, unable to express one's mind/say what one would, unable to find words to express what one would say, to falter in speech, to falter and be unable to proceed in reading or recitation, to be impeded or straitened, abstain from sexual intercourse, to be impotent, contracted in the bosom, to be niggardly/tenacious/penurious/avaricious, conceal a thing, refrain from divulging a thing.